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8805 W. 1st Avenue
Kennewick WA 99336

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Accounting Solutions & Services


We provide services such as entering transactions, reconciling bank accounts, and providing our clients with quality and precise financial reports to ensure that your business operations will operate more efficiently on a daily basis. We also provide such services to help our clients to make sound financial decisions and so that you have a great understanding of the financial health and future of your company.

Payroll Services

We provide services such as entering payroll transactions and generating paychecks for your employees along with making payroll deposits and we also prepare monthly, quarterly or annual payroll reports that are required to be filed with federal and state taxing authorities. We also are available to answer any of your payroll related questions regarding withholding and allowances.

Quickbooks Support

Whether you are a new or an existing business, we can help you set up a new chart of accounts in Quickbooks or we can help you with maintaining your financial records in Quickbooks. We can enter all transactions into Quickbooks and perform monthly bank reconciliations to ensure that your financial records reflect an accurate condition of the finances of your business.

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