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Taxes in the way? Get them done today!

Hear what our clients are saying about Our Professional Accounting Services

We’ve worked with some awesome clients over the years who love us and our services. Check out what they have to say about us.

My wife and I engaged Mr. Farag to do our tax return. We found Mr. Farag to be very professional, intelligent, friendly, well informed in his field and was most pleasant to work with.

Art and Louise Meyers

Ramez is very nice and professional.

Scott and Renee Neel

I am a newer small business owner and trying to understand the tax laws for business owners can be a bit confusing. I was behind on what I owed the IRS and decided to go to Ramez Farag for help. Ramez walked me through my tax issues and the confusing tax laws and explained them to me in a way that made it much easier to understand. He was extremely helpful and patient with my lack of understanding and piles of unorganized paperwork. He not only completely organized my paperwork but showed me how to organize my taxes for next year. He helped me set up my quarterly taxes and made it very simple for me. I know that my business taxes will be much more simple for me next year because of all Ramez’s help in organizing the tax information. Ramez is honest and fair and will do everything he can to help you not only get the proper tax return but he’ll help you if you’ve fallen behind and feel you can’t get out from under the IRS. His honesty, patience and years of tax experience is something that we’ve been looking for and we will be going back to Ramez for all of our tax filings in the future!

Jon Ladines
Force Dynamics Defense Systems

Ramez has been our accountant for the last 7 years. He is very knowledgeable, accessible and a true pleasure to work with. He provides top-notch customer service and has always done an outstanding job of including us in discussions before, during an after the taxes are done.

Shane and Wendy Peper

Ramez does excellent work. He works with us to make sure our return is done correctly. Ramez provides excellent service and is very friendly in doing so.

Justo Fraijo
Yaquis Plastering, Inc.

After many years of using a computer tax program, we decided to have Ramez Farag do our taxes this year. We are sure happy that we did! Ramez is very professional and well versed in tax regulations. He took the time to explain our return and we found him to be well versed in the various needs of our return. He is very well organized and was very easy to work with. We highly recommend Ramez for all your tax and accounting needs.

Marv and Sylvia Olson

I was very impressed with Ramez Farag's attention to detail. He treats my money like it was his own.

Randy Hageman

Ramez knows his field of business well. If questions arise he does not know 100%, Ramez will tell you so and find out the answer. Ramez is very personal and a pleasure to work with.

Weimer Consulting, Inc.

We are 100% confident with Ramez that we do not miss anything on our taxes. He helps us maximize our tax refund or minimize our tax liability.

Marvin Roman and Jennifer Balde
Ramez is very helpful and easy to get along with. He makes me feel comfortable.
Melissa Wilson
Melissa's Nails

Ramez has been doing our small business taxes for many years. He makes sure every detail is taken care of. As our business has been growing and growing he helps us to make good decisions to be accurate regarding our taxes as well as keep afloat as a business. He gets paperwork done before deadlines and works day and night if he has to. We are very thankful for his service.

Lore'K Garofola
Shareholder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Shareholder of Cinnabon

Ramez is a professional that ensures 100% personal attention to detail.

Vulcan Home Solutions Inc.

Ramez is knowledgeable, personable and a perfectionist.

Richard and Rebecca Fuller

A friend recommended one year that I stop trying to do a quick computer tax program and get an accountant. I used to get so frustrated and worried that I was not doing my taxes correctly so 8 years ago I decided to try it out and since then, I have had Ramez do my taxes every year. He is wonderful at taking the time to explain the process and answer questions that we have. He is kind, asks questions, and helps me plan for the years ahead too. He is wonderful to work with and I have recommended him to everyone I know.

Holly Boyce

Ramez has prepared my tax returns for over fifteen years. My return is lengthy and many years it was complicated by property sales and extensive capital gains. Ramez always is there to answer any questions or concerns that I may have. I highly recommend Ramez for his excellent level of expertise and professionalism.

Fouad M. Shaker

Ramez is a great person for your tax needs. He takes his time and double checks all the small details and is patient and helpful in explaining all the different aspects of the tax process.

Chad Larson

I was extremely pleased with Ramez's thoroughness and diligence as he worked to prepare my taxes. He did not leave one stone unturned. He is very knowledgeable and works efficiently. All in all, it proved to be a very pleasant and satisfying experience.

Joyce Davison

My wife and I have been taking our personal tax needs to Ramez for 10 years. From the first time we met, we have been impressed by his professional yet personal care and attention to our needs. The first time he did our taxes, he made a slight error in his forecast of what it would cost for him to complete the work. He explained his error, (which actually had more to do with our tax needs than his miscalculation), and provided us with 2 separate invoices; one with the agreed cost, and one with the actual cost. After he explained where we went wrong, he was more then willing to only require us to pay the agreed fee. We saw then that he was a man of character and could be trusted completely. We were more than happy to pay the actual cost, and our relationship has only strengthened since that day. He has always been attentive to our needs, and timely in getting the work done. If you need a tax professional for your home or business, your search is over.

Eric and Lisa Nilson

Ramez is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, honest and highly skilled CPA. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Justine Roders
Tri-Cities Phone Repair

Ramez took the time to go through things completely. He asked questions and helped me understand why he was doing certain things related to my tax return.

Donna Langley

Ramez Farag is very detailed and focused. It was a pleasure to have him prepare my tax return instead of dreading it. I will definitely be back next year.

Vicki Ravely

Ramez is very thorough and knowledgeable about tax code.

William and Stacy Copland

Ramez Farag has been my CPA for many years now, who has completed my personal tax filings in two countries and Washington State. He has also set up my corporation and continually fulfills all the filing requirements the State and Federal governments require. These include monthly, quarterly and annual payroll filings to the IRS. He conducts all communications needed to the IRS and Canada Revenue Agency as needed. I find him to be well versed in tax law and takes the time to answer all my questions in a manner I can understand. I find that I can not only depend upon him, but he has earned my trust in him, unreservedly, to oversee this critical aspect of my livelihood. Ramez is an honorable complete CPA. If you are looking for a change, I highly recommend him.

Gary Weimer
President, Weimer Consulting, Inc.

Ramez Farag has done our taxes for several years. We value his professionalism, integrity and quality of service. It is so nice to have easy accessibility for his counsel.

Ernie and Carolyn Larson

We have been having our taxes done by Ramez for years and we would trust no one else. He has the patience of a saint, gives excellent advice, covers all the scenarios (i.e. gives us options for retirement contributions, and rental property), and we always know we are in good hands.

John and Susan Hohman

His courtesy, professional and thorough handling of our tax return to the IRS is deeply appreciated. He exhibits expert knowledge regarding a wide variety of tax issues. If you choose to have Mr. Farag do your taxes, you will be assured of the best in tax preparation!

John and Phylis McKenna

Even though we have known Mr. Farag for some time through our church, we already had an accountant. However our accountant took another job outside of the United States so we needed to have a trustworthy accountant. My wife and I employed Mr. Farag to do our tax return this year. We found Mr. Farag to be very professional, intelligent, friendly, detailed and well informed in his field and most pleasant to work with. He is good at taking the time to explain the process and answer our questions we had. He is kind, asks questions, and helped us plan for the years ahead also. He is good to work with and we have no problem in recommending him to everyone.

Ruben & Rachel Carrera

As a first time business owner I was worried about doing my taxes this year. I hired Ramez because he was highly recommended to me. He was very thorough, it was stress free, and he will continue to be my CPA in the future. He not only prepared my taxes but taught me how to be better prepared for the future. I recommend his services to anyone.

Derek Moinette
Owner Green Tree Preservation
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